A Letter to Dearest Customers

Company news | Release time:2022-04-05 16:33:38

Dear Customers:

The pulses proteinsmanufactured by our company, Yantai T.Full Biotech Co., Ltd. are produced from naturally-grown material. Due to the occurrence of variance within the raw material, a slightly variation can be expected in the final product, but the overall sensory characteristic and physicochemical parameters are consistent and stable due to thecontrol procedures we have in place.

Because of the reliable, consistent and stable quality, our protein products have won wide acclaim and popularity worldwide. At the same time, some unscrupulous traders sprout the idea of producing and selling fake and inferior products going under T.Full’s name which damages the interests of our company and customers, disrupts the normal market order as well.

Please note that you should purchase through appropriate channels. Anything claimed to be manufactured by T.Full but markedly different from our products is counterfeit.

Let’s work together to safeguard our common interests.

Yantai T.Full Biotech Co., Ltd.