Warmly celebrateYANTAI T.FULL BIOTECH CO.,LTD. official website operation

Company news | Release time:2018-07-03 16:32:58

YANTAI T.FULL BIOTECH CO.,LTD. is a business entity that specializes in the deep processing of peas. Our main business covers the development, production, sale and service of pea starch, pea protein isolate, pea fiber and other high-tech products. Our company covers a total area of 100 mu and with an investment of 150 million Yuan, we have set up a large, high-standard automated production workshop and a professional research center for equipment testing. Now we have completed the first-stage project which will bring about an annual processing of 30,000 tons’ peas, high-quality pea starch of 14,000 tons, pea protein isolate of 4,500 tons and pea fiber of 4,500 tons.

TFULL is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology and processing facility in China and can bring about full-process automation. Our process water complies with the national sanitary standard for drinking water. Our processing adopts sophisticated mechanical separation technology, microcomputer PID digital automatic joint control technology and has introduced quantitative packing equipment from abroad. All-round network remote control has been applied to our workshop management as a way of ensuring product quality. To protect the environment, our company has made large investments in establishing high-standard sewage treatment system. In the construction of production line, we emphasize inputting facilities and technologies that make an economical use of water, power and gas. Moreover, we boast desirable hardware environment and full-fledged management basis. We have obtained the QS, ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL and FSSC22000 certifications and FDA registration along with complete export procedures and qualification.

Our raw material is totally non-GMO peas introduced from North America and can turn out excellent pea starch, with whiteness of over 92%. Our products can be extensively used in the processing and production of bean vermicelli and bean jelly. Owing to excellent gelation, our pea starch is applicable to meat products and candies and lead to such advantages as less material consumption, higher yield of primary product and lower cost. Pea protein isolate contains 18 amino acids for human health, high content of lysine and without allergen. Besides, it is easy to disperse and emulsify and is capable of water and oil retention. Hence the product is widely applicable to health food, sports drinks, baked food, pet food and other spheres.

Shouldering the mission of supplying safe, nutritious, healthy food, all the TFULL staff will commit themselves to turning out the essence of Nature with their vitality, wisdom and diligence.